Jais Hiking

Self guided hiking trails

Complete your adventure quota by hiking through any of the 6 unique trails located at Jebel Jais. At a cumulative distance of 16 KM with varying difficulty levels, the trails will take you through the winding hikes full of diverse mountain ecosystem including stunning vistas and friendly greetings from the mountain goats and donkeys.

The hikes are split between the upper and lower segment of Jebel Jais. Make sure to bring sufficient water for the trails. 

Lower Segment Trails

Sidr Trail, 1.6KM
Tein Trail, 1.2KM
Samar Trail, 6KM
Aspic Trail, 2.2KM
Farfaar Trail, 0.7KM

Upper Segment Trails

Ghaf Summit, 4.3KM

Guided hikes with operators

Hike through Wadi Shahha or Wadi Ghalila, or simply explore other parts of the Hajar mountains with one of our partners: