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Journey into the spectacular Jebel Jais mountain peak and explore some of the region's most spectacular scenery. From sea level, you'll navigate through moon-like desert-scapes and the barren rocky wadis. There is something magical about traversing giant boulders, craggy down-at-heel, and abandoned desert villages interspersed with date palm farms.


The dramatic climb to the Jais Viewing Deck Park takes you 1,250 metres above sea level and almost 30 km into the heart of the mountains. The mountain range formed over 70 million years ago and bursts with traditions, secrets, and mind-stilling magic. The roads are well made and are accessible by cars, 4X4s, motorbikes, and cycles. The hairpin road gloriously meanders through ruddy barren landscapes, deep chasms and rugged cliffs. Just shy of the summit is the ultimate viewing deck that affords breathtaking views across more of the Hajar mountain range, rolling desert-scapes, and finally, the Arabian Gulf.

If you seek peace and some space to unwind, the park spans a ridge and features seven viewing decks with 12 powerful binoculars that command unparalleled panoramas. On one side, you have views across the zig-zagging road, swooping valleys and cloud-piercing peaks and on the other, date wadis, villages and the Arabian Gulf. You can also watch adrenaline-fuelled guests facing their fears and flying the longest zipline in the world, Jais Flight.

Throughout the year, the sun tends to set early, between 17.30 and 18.00. Visitors will also have the chance to watch the sun set over the Arabian Gulf and the night sky embrace the mountains just as it has done for millions of years.

Puro Express and Muse Café located at the Jais Viewing Deck Park are a welcome sight and serve delicious coffees and snacks throughout the day. The park is lit solely by solar-powered energy keeping sustainable destination principles firmly in mind.



Opening Hours

During the Holy Month of Ramadan (from 10 March - 9th April, 2024): Daily from 09.00 to 21.00


Toll Free Number: 800 527
Email: info@visitjebeljais.com

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