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The Jebel Jais mountain peak in the northernmost Emirate of the UAE rises spectacularly from the Arabian Gulf to an impressive 1,934 metres above sea level. Jebel Jais is home to some of the country's most extreme mountain sports, including the Jais Via Ferrata, where accessible adventure meets the extreme.

Via Ferrata is Italian for 'iron path' and is an exhilarating climb for all levels of mountaineering. The 470-metre (over 30-storeys) Via Ferrata gives you the opportunity of scaling a breathtaking part of the protected rugged Hajar Mountain range. The course runs over three mountain hikes that connect with a series of zip wires measuring 50, 60 and 300 metres.

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The Via Ferrata is a cross between rock climbing and mountaineering. It gives thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts pleasurable exhilieration as they climb the same vertical cliff face as a professional climber without strenuous training or risk.

As you check in for your exciting adventure, you'll have a full safety briefing and discuss the various routes. Choose from the Ledge Walk, Middle Path, or for the fearless, the Julphar Scare. The mountaineering guides will fit you with your Via Ferrata harness and provide you with all your tools before heading out in the wilderness. You are always securely harnessed to the complex array of steel cables and ladder rungs permanently fixed into the rockfaces every five or so metres. Three zip-lines take you across inaccessible sections of the mountain. The longest flies you directly over the main Jebel Jais road that leads into the mountains.


The Ledge Walk is ideal for those that want a slightly less challenging mountain adventure. The hike takes around four hours to complete. It starts with a gentle climb over the undulating rocks synonymous with the Jebel Jais mountain peak. The more challenging vertical stretch leads you to the first and shortest zip-line via secure iron steps. Next, you'll climb a gradual slope that leads to the second-longest 60-metre zip-line, which allows you to start your descent slowly and to the exhilarating 300-metre zip-line, which takes you at speed into the wadi below.



What is Jais Via Ferrata?
The 'iron path' is an exhilarating adventure that combines hiking, climbing, and three zip-lines.

How many people will be on each tour?
There will be no more than 20 people on each tour. Only one person will be on the zip-lines at any one time.

How long is the course?
The longest and the most accessible course is 1 km and combines hiking, climbing and three zip-lines.

How long does the course take?
The courses take between one and a half to four hours.

What do I need to bring?
You must bring your Emirates ID or passport and present it at the Bear Grylls Explorers Camp reception.

What should I wear?
You should make sure that you wear comfortable athletic clothing that can withstand rough terrain. You will need to wear sturdy trainers with a good grip or hiking boots. You will not be permitted on the Via Ferrata if you do not have appropriate clothing. You can bring a camera and sunglasses, but ensure that you attach them to a wrist tether. The sun in the UAE is very strong, so please wear sunscreen at all times.

Minimum 40 kg to maximum 120 kg

Minimum 122 cm

18 years and over. Children under the age of 18, but over 12 must meet the height and weight guidelines, be accompanied by a parent or guardian and have a signed waiver to allow them to participate.

Each participant must be in good medical condition. In addition, you must not be under the influence of narcotics, spirits, or other substances that impair judgment.

Complimentary car parking and toilet facilities are available on-site at the Bear Grylls Explorers Camp.

Located at the Bear Grylls Explorers Camp, there are various ways to get to the Via Ferrata – you can arrive by car or a taxi.



For reservations, please contact Bear Grylls Explorers Camp via email: or phone: +971 565 015 831



The Middle Path is a technical route that takes roughly three and a half hours. You'll traverse three vertical routes and a restricted horizontal climb that dramatically rises 60 metres from the wadi bed and joins the Ledge Walk and the first zip-line. The path continues along the Ledge Walk route until you are back on terra firma.

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